Guard sensitive customer information, financial transactions and
transmit confidential data with identity assured Extended Validation (EV) SGC SSL Certificates. These
certificates provide 128- or 256-bit encryption to over 99% of Web site visitors by offering the
strongest encryption and identity assurance available to every site visitor – even the millions using older
versions of Windows and IE.
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Why Choose a Longer Certificate Term?

  • Significant savings vs. shorter-
    term certificates
  • Reduced risk of a trust-eroding expired certificate on your site
  • One
    less thing to do or worry about next year

Why do I need an EV SSL SGC

  • EV is the next generation of SSL Certificate
    stringent verification processes developed by Certificate Authority (CA)/Browser Forum ensures your
    website is visibly more secure and trusted than with other types of Certificates.
  • Maximize your sales by gaining trust – the public is being educated to look for
    the “Green Address Bar” as a sign of trustworthiness. Make sure you gain competitive edge by displaying
    this essential trust indicator.
  • Protect the widest customer base imaginable
    SGC technology upgrades older browsers so they can connect at full 128- or 256-bit encryption levels
    meaning you convert more sales by protecting more customers than with a regular SSL Certificate.

Why Comodo for your EV SSL SGC Certificate?

    • EV Enhancer™ – The COMODO EV SSL and EV SGC SSL Certificates both come with EV Enhancer™, which
      ensures that the EV “green bar”, the certificate holder’s organization name and “Identified by COMODO”
      are always displayed in Internet Explorer 7 and above on Windows™ XP.
    • Industry
      leading support
      – as the world’s second largest SSL Certificate provider, Comodo has the
      infrastructure, experience and depth of knowledge to help you every step of the way.

< li>Unbeatable Price – from $474.00 per year, EV SGC SSL Certificates from Comodo
cost less than most CA’s charge for non-SGC EV SSL Certificates. Additional features, such as a dedicated
account manager and free phone priority support, make the EV SGC SSL Certificate a complete “trust
package” that is unrivalled in the industry.


Hotline: 0919325777

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